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2018 Creative Reuse Open House for Educators:

Here is a list of the creative reuse art activity handouts we shared at our July 2018 Creative Reuse Open House for Educators. Most projects can be adjusted to fit various grade levels. This year we focused on Mauka, the uplands. (Our 201420152016, and 2017 Open House Resources for Educators are also available online.)

* If you ever need items like bottle caps, toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, magazines, etc., please contact Art Explorium – we often have more than enough and are happy to share! (312-4316, *

Grades Pre-K

`Olapa Onomatopoeia: Learn about the concept of onomatopoeia while studying the native `olapa tree. Use your artwork to mimc the sounds of the tree. Related academic subject: Language Arts.

Butterfly Symmetry: Explore and create the Kamehameha butterfly (pulelehua) using bottle caps to learn about colors and patterns. Related academic subject: Math.

Striped Snails: Create a Hawaiian tree snail collage out of fabric and/or paper scraps, then share your project with your classmates. Related academic subject: Science.

Grades K-2

Describing Lava Flows: Study different types of lava flows and create a model of `a`a and pahoehoe using newspaper. Related academic subject: Language Arts.

Counting `Ohi`a: Study the issue of Rapid `Ohi`a Death and its effect on trees on Hawai`i Island. Make stamps to represent healthy and unhealthy lehua blossoms and use them to better understand how many trees are being affected. Related academic subject: Math.

Native or Not?: Use foam trays to create stamps of various native and non-native flowers. Try out your own and friends’ stamps and explore which ones are native and which ones aren’t. Related academic subject: Science.

Grades 3-5

Healing Plants: Study Native Hawaiian medicinal plants. Create a booklet of information and artwork to share what you have learned. Related academic subject: Language Arts.

How Many Feathers Does It Take?: Research the beautiful Hawaiian feather cape, `ahu`ula, and its patterns, how many feathers it takes to make one, etc. Design a feather cape of your own and recreate it using fabric or paper scraps. Related academic subject: Math.

Wallabies of Kalihi Valley: Research the wallaby population of Kalihi Valley, then create your own adorable wallaby out of a used tennis ball can! Related academic subject: Science.

Grades 6-8

How Much Is Too Much?: Research the issue of the Thirty Meter Telescope and Mauna Kea. Decide where you stand, then create a poster that shares your research and opinions. Study and incorporate a constellation into your poster. Related academic subject: Language Arts.

Creating Change: With the current Kilauea eruption, some communities on Hawai`i Island are experiencing devastating upheaval. Design and make greeting cards to sell and use the funds to purchase items needed by those communities. Related academic subject: Math.

To Eat or Not To Eat: Study edible plants of Hawai`i and choose one of them as an ingredient. As a group, work together to create a line of menu items using your ingredient, then share your menu with your classmates. Related academic subject: Science.



Other Helpful Teacher Resources

Get Funding to Help Pay For a Field Trip to Art ExploriumKokua Hawaii Foundation has funds available to help cover environmental field trip costs for public school students. You can bring your students in to Art Explorium for a fun and educational field trip. Get more information on our Field Trip Program.

Department of Environmental Services Educational Tools Web Site: This site includes some awesome downloadable classroom workbooks, including coloring activity books and a Recycled Art Project Guide. For more information or to get copies of materials, please contact Michael O’Keefe,

Hanahau`oli School’s Professional Development Center offers a variety of workshops for public and private school teachers in Hawaii. Topics include making connections with art and technology, learning more about thematic instruction, and more. Download their flyer here.

Instructions for No-Sew T-Shirt Aprons – download these step-by-step instructions for making t-shirt aprons with your students! Works best with regular crew-neck t-shirts.

10 Lessons the Arts Teach – this is a wonderful handout from NAEA that summarizes 10 crucial lessons the arts teach.

Ocean Commotion Coloring Book – This adorable coloring book was created by Punahou senior Marisa Nagata for her senior service project. It’s a fun and creative way for children to learn more about what they can do to protect our oceans. Feel free to download and use in your classroom.