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Lesson Plans from Our

2019 Creative Reuse Open House for Educators:

Here is a list of the creative reuse art activity handouts we shared at our July 2019 Creative Reuse Open House for Educators. Most projects can be adjusted to fit various grade levels. This year we focused on Mauka, the uplands. (Our 201420152016, 2017, and 2018 Open House Resources for Educators are also available online.)

* If you ever need items like bottle caps, toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, magazines, paper, crayons, etc., contact Art Explorium. We often have more than enough and are happy to share! (312-4316, *

Grades Pre-K

Endangered Species Light Catchers: Choose and study an endangered species and then draw your creature or plant on a clear sheet of plastic to create a light catcher. Related academic subject: Science.

Focusing Binoculars: Create and decorate a fun pair of “binoculars” that will help young children focus on the natural world around them. Related academic subject: Language Arts.

Lunch-on-the-Go Kit: Make an adorable and earth-friendly utensil kit inspired by the Japanese art of furoshiki. This project is great for ALL ages! Related academic subject: Mathematics.

Grades K-2

Mini Watering Can: Create and decorate a mini watering can that really works (!) out of plastic items we normally throw away. Use it to take care of plants in your home and community. Related academic subject: Life & Environmental Sciences.

Outdoor Art Kit: Make your own mini art kit that will allow you to transport your art supplies to various locations and field trips. Related academic subject: Language Arts.

Trash Grabber: Design your own trash grabber that will allow you to pick up litter safely! Then use your invention to help pick up and sort trash in your community. Related academic subject: Mathematics.

Grades 3-5

Ahupua`a Structural Puzzle: Create your own puzzle out of cereal boxes while learning about the ahupua`a land division. Related academic subject: Mathematics.

Moving Mountain Waterfall: Learn about the water cycle and create a waterfall representation out of reused items that actually moves! Related academic subject: Physical, Earth and Space Sciences.

Reminder Cards: Design handy reminder cards to post in places where you will see them to remind you about simple tasks you can complete to help our planet. Related academic subject: Language Arts.

Grades 6-8

In the Year 2019: Create a unique time capsule to document various facts and issues that are prevalent in Hawaii in the year 2019. Related academic subject: Mathematics.

Memory Box: Research an important site in Hawaii then create an essay and memory box that provides an artistic representation of what you have learned. Related academic subject: Language Arts.

To Hunt or Not to Hunt: Study the impacts of feral pigs on Hawaii’s environment and invent a way to prevent pigs from negatively impacting our trees and forests. Related academic subject: Life & Environmental Sciences.


Other Helpful Teacher Resources

Get Funding to Help Pay For a Field Trip to Art ExploriumKokua Hawaii Foundation has funds available to help cover environmental field trip costs for public school students. You can bring your students in to Art Explorium for a fun and educational field trip. Get more information on our Field Trip Program.

Department of Environmental Services Educational Tools Web Site: This site includes some awesome downloadable classroom workbooks, including coloring activity books and a Recycled Art Project Guide. For more information or to get copies of materials, please contact Michael O’Keefe,

Hanahau`oli School’s Professional Development Center offers a variety of workshops for public and private school teachers in Hawaii. Topics include making connections with art and technology, learning more about thematic instruction, and more. Download their flyer here.

Instructions for No-Sew T-Shirt Aprons – download these step-by-step instructions for making t-shirt aprons with your students! Works best with regular crew-neck t-shirts.

10 Lessons the Arts Teach – this is a wonderful handout from NAEA that summarizes 10 crucial lessons the arts teach.

Ocean Commotion Coloring Book – This adorable coloring book was created by a former Punahou School student Marisa Nagata for her senior service project. It’s a fun and creative way for children to learn more about what they can do to protect our oceans. Feel free to download and use in your classroom.