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About The Explorium

Nurturing tomorrow's creative thinkers

Art Explorium provides a fun, safe place where children of all ages have the opportunity and the permission to create freely. We firmly believe that art experiences are an important part of every person’s growth and development. So… WE provide the space and materials, YOU provide the ideas and make them happen!

Art Explorium strives to be an eco-friendly organization. Many of the art materials in our studio are items that would normally be thrown in the trash (scrap pieces of fabric, used bottle caps, small boxes, magazines, ribbon, etc.). We collect these used materials from our friends and local businesses, and Art Explorium visitors give these objects a new life as art. Donate supplies!

We offer walk-in Open Studio time, Art Workshops, and Special Events such as birthday parties and on-site group/class field trips. We look forward to seeing you at Art Explorium soon!