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Resources for Educators

The goal of our Education Program is to share a variety of helpful arts and sustainability resources with teachers. Here are some helpful resources for educators:

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Visit our Educator Resources page, which includes:

  • Lesson plans and ideas for creative reuse projects for your classroom
  • Information on how to get funding for a class field trip to Art Explorium
  • Professional Development opportunities for teachers


Online Lesson Plans for Educators

Calling all teachers! We have FREE earth-friendly art Lesson Plans available for you to use with your students. These lesson plans are designed for students in various grade levels (Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, and 6-8), but they can be adjusted to fit your classroom needs and level. Each lesson plan focuses on various subjects including Language Arts, Science, and Mathematics.



In-Studio Field Trips

*All in-studio Field Trips are currently on hold due to COVID-19.*

Calling all teachers! Bring your class in to Art Explorium for a fun and educational field trip. Here’s some helpful information on our Field Trip program:

  • Bring your students to our fun Kaimuki studio to do art activities with us!
  • We can connect art projects to your curriculum or we can just do fun earth-friendly art activities.
  • $5 per student.
  • Our space can accommodate approximately 12-28 children at once.
  • Special focus on reused materials.
  • Before you come in, we encourage your students to collect reusable “trash” items for use in their art projects. Click here for ideas on what you can bring in.
  • Funding may be available from Kokua Hawaii Foundation for environmental field trips, including a visit to Art Explorium.
  • To schedule a field trip please call us at 808-312-4316 or email


Free Supplies

We also are happy to share art supplies with teachers during the school year. We have lots of yarn, ribbon, paper, crayons, and more! If you are looking for something please email us at

Art Explorium’s Education Programs are generously sponsored by the Johnson Ohana Foundation, founded by Jack and Kim Johnson to support environmental, art, and music education now and into the future.