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Our mission is to provide a community art studio to nurture the creative potential in children.

At Art Explorium our goal is to encourage each child’s natural curiosity and delight. We firmly believe that when children are given the freedom to invent, choose their own direction, and even make mistakes, they become better thinkers and problem-solvers. Neuroscientist Dr. Jay Giedd says this about art: “Far from being a frivolous waste of time it’s actually an essential part of how the brain learns to get by in the world and learns the skills necessary to make it on to adolescence and into adulthood.�?*

By offering a welcoming and fun space, a variety of interesting materials, art guidance and more, we give children in our community the opportunity to create something new while developing these critical life skills. So while your child is having a great time drawing, painting, or sculpting something fantastic out of old corks, buttons, ribbon and cardboard boxes, amazing things are happening in his or her mind. And that is the reason Art Explorium was created.


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