Creative Reuse Open House for Educators 9-2 (appointment required)

Each year we offer a fun, educational & FREE Creative Reuse Open House for Educators. Our 2020 event is scheduled for Saturday, July 25. Pre-registration is required.


*This event is now full. If you would like to be added to the waitlist please email Julie at Mahalo!


At this event we offer:

  1. Creative reuse project ideas to take back to the classroom
  2. Connections with other arts and sustainability organizations
  3. Art supplies for your students/classroom

This year each participant will receive a super cute Keep It Kaimuki tote bag!

In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and make our Open House as safe as possible we are instituting some changes this year. First of all we require that all educators wear a mask, social distance, and remain outside our studio space in the fresh air. We will provide gloves and hand sanitizer to all participants. We will schedule all participants during 15 minute increments and limit the number of people who can attend during each time slot. Unfortunately we will not be able to offer keiki art activities this year.

We will continue to offer the three main components listed above but with the following changes:

  1. Creative Reuse Project Ideas: This year we will feature five of our creative reuse art project ideas. For each project we will make a “stARTer Kit” available to educators. Each stARTer Kit will contain a lesson plan and supplies that will help teachers do this project with their students either virtually or in the classroom. Students may also need to gather some items that should be readily available in most homes (for example, crayons, a t-shirt, cereal/cracker boxes). Educators who attend our Open House will get to choose from a menu of stARTer Kits and we will hand those to you. See below for more information on what stARTer Kits will be available.
  2. Other Arts & Sustainability Organizations: We are working on having representatives from one or two organizations on-site (outside) to chat with educators about the services they provide. We will put resources from these organizations in each Keep It Kaimuki Tote. Organizations may also make a stARTer Kit of their own to share with you (TBD).
  3. Art Supplies: We will put some bins of excess art supplies outside. Teachers can put on a fresh pair of gloves then look through supplies and take what they need, then dispose of their gloves.


stARTer Kits

These are the stARTer Kits that will be available at our Open House. Each educator can choose up to two kits to take home (more if we have enough).

  1. Watch It Grow (*New!) Decorate an empty CD case and watch a seed grow through the plastic. Related academic subject: Science.
  2. No-Sew T-shirt Apron (*New!) Create a no-sew apron to use when making art, cooking, and gardening! Related academic subject: Mathematics.
  3. Endangered Species Light Catchers Choose and study an endangered species and then draw your creature or plant on a clear sheet of plastic to create a light catcher. Related academic subject: Science. Grade level: Pre-K (adjustable).
  4. Yarn Stamps Create your own unique stamps and make your mark while learning about colors, patterns and shapes. Related academic subjects: Mathematics, Language Arts. Grade level: Pre-K (adjustable).
  5. Moving Mountain Waterfall Learn about the water cycle and create a waterfall representation out of reused items that actually moves! Related academic subjects: Physical, Earth and Space Sciences. Grade level: 3-5 (adjustable).

Pre-registration is required.

These programs are generously sponsored by the Johnson Ohana Foundation, founded by Jack and Kim Johnson to support environmental, art, and music education now and into the future.