2015 Resources

Handouts from Our

2015 Creative Reuse Open House for Educators

These are the creative reuse art activity handouts we shared at our July 2015 Creative Reuse Open House for Educators. Most projects can be adjusted to fit various elementary grade levels.

* If you ever need items like toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, magazines, etc. please contact Art Explorium – we often have more than enough and are happy to share! (312-4316, info@artexplorium.org) *

Mathematics Focus:

Yarn Stamps: Create your own unique stamps and make your mark while learning about colors, patterns and shapes. Related academic subjects: mathematics, fine arts, language arts. (Pre-K)

Water Bottle Holder: Design your own custom water bottle holder out of soda rings. Related academic subjects: mathematics, language arts, science (3-5)

Language Arts Focus: 

Community Helpers: Firefighters, doctors, construction workers & more! Learn about all the important people in our community who help us every day. Related academic subjects: fine arts, language arts, social studies. (Pre-K)

My Autobiography: Go on a voyage of creativity and self-discovery with these handmade autobiographies. Related academic subjects: fine arts, language arts, social studies (3-5)

Science Focus:

Cork Sailboats: Will it sink or will it float? Make a boat out of used corks and let your imagination take you away! Related academic subjects: fine arts, history, mathematics, science. (K-2)

Fabric Bowls: Design a beautiful bowl out of old fabric scraps. Related academic subjects: fine arts, language arts, science. (K-2)