2014 Resources

Handouts from Our

2014 Teacher Open House

These are the creative reuse art activity handouts we shared at our 2014 Teacher Open House.

* If you ever need items like toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, magazines, etc. please contact Art Explorium – we often have more than enough and are happy to share! (312-4316, info@artexplorium.org) *

Cardboard Tubes:

Shape Printers: Use toilet paper and paper towel rolls to help kids learn shapes in a fun and memorable way! (Pre-K)

Rainstick: Create rain sticks all while learning science, math, arts, language arts and social studies. (K-2)

Flying Koi: Make koi for Boys’/Children’s Day and end with a koi classroom parade! (Grades 3-5)

Paper Chain Caterpillar: Create a paper chain caterpillar while learning important science and math lessons. (K-2)

Color Sense Poem: This collage activity is a great exercise for kids to explore color, senses, and poetry. (K-2)

Family Flag: Create a unique flag in honor of your family that you can share with your classmates. (3-5)

Plastic Bottle Caps & Marine Debris:

Color Sorting: Explore math skills and colors by counting and sorting bottle caps, create patterns. (Pre-K)

Circle Murals: Learn about the artist Wassily Kandinsky and create your own circle art pieces out of bottle caps. (K-2)

Bottle Cap Math: Use colorful bottle caps to practice equations, create patterns, learn place value, put numbers in order and more. (K-5)

Marine Debris Snow Globe: Take plastic marine debris off our beaches and use it to create a whimsical snow globe while learning about important science concepts. (K-5) For younger children you can also cut chipboard (like cereal boxes) into shapes and have your students create a marine debris mosaic.

Pressed Cardboard (Cereal & other boxes):

Dinosaur Feet: Create and decorate your very own dinosaur feet and stomp around in them, all while learning about shapes, colors, dinosaurs and more! (K-2)

Royal Crown: Make and decorate a crown while learning about royal kingdoms including Hawaii. (K-2)

Book Diorama: Make a cereal box diorama to illustrate and share a fiction or non-fiction book you have read. (Grades 3-5)

Poetry Book: Practice writing while making a special poetry book out of used cereal boxes and magazines, then share your book with your friends. (K-4)

Poetry Box: Create a special box that incorporates words, poems and images, and relates to whatever you are studying in class. (3-5)

Poet’s Garden: This project is similar to the Poetry Book and Poetry Box above and allows children to create a plant or garden with words and poems. (K-4)

Miscellaneous (Straws, paper, plastic bags):

Pattern Lei: Create lei using paper (try it with used magazines!). Children will learn about shapes, patterns, and can also learn about lei making traditions and plants. (Pre-2) Download flower templates here.

Rocket Launchers: Explore topics such as velocity, gravity and space while creating fun rockets. (K-2) Download rocket templates here.

Diamond Kite: Make a kite from used plastic bags and cardboard while learning about shapes, wind and flight.